Friday, March 26, 2004

Bruce Markusen, in his column over at the Primer, mentions the following:

"According to the St. Louis Cardinals newsletter (www.thestlcardinals.com), the Redbirds have had talks with Anaheim about a six-player deal that would land Adam Kennedy, Darin Erstad, and Jarrod Washburn in St. Louis, with Bo Hart, Woody Williams, and another player downloading in Southern California."

Who comes up with this nonsense? Sure Williams might be an upgrade over Ace ... but only "might," and not for long, as Williams is eight years older than Jarrod. The Kennedy for Hart exchange is absurd, and I'm not sure I buy the idea of the Redbirds taking on Erstad's contract. Even if they did, who would the Lads station at first? They certainly wouldn't be getting anyone from St. Louis to take over (unless you count John F. Mabry). And it's not as though the Cards are stacked with prospects; the only prospect the arched city has on Aaron Gleeman's Top 50 Prospect List at Hardball Times is Adam Wainwright, who he counts as 31st against Baseball Prospectus' 43rd. As Wrainwright is a starting pitcher (at which the Angels have several prospects), and he was a key part of the J.D. Drew trade, parting with him seems quite unlikely.

This is a silly, silly rumor. But I take it all back if the "another player" is Prince Albert.

That sound you hear is me not holding my breath.

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