Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The OC Register reports that St. Louis, San Diego, Detroit, and the ChiSox appear to be the likely candidates to trade for Aaron Sele, Batting Practice Pitcher Extraordinaire. They also report the shocking allegation that the Angels "probably [won't] ask for high-caliber talent in return." Well, if we're negotiating with Detroit, that seems a little obvious, don't it?

The Register also reports that it looks like the 5-6-7 spots will be filled by Glaus-Guillen-Kingfish, with the possibility that Guillen may jump past Glaus. Though in the short term, with Guillen hot, this may make sense, over the long-term this is completely backwards. Guillen just won't get on base enough, and combined with Garret Anderson's on-base "skills" will leave a lot of empty basepaths for Glaus and Kingfish. I think one concern may be double plays, and Scoscia wants the quickest runner in the middle to cut down on them. Lineup issues this small tend not to make a big difference, however, and Scoscia has demonstrated the flexibility to move guys around depending on how they're swinging the bat.

Richard at the Pearly Gates has an appealing photo of a certain former Batgirl shilling for our team.

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