Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Will Carroll has a Team Health Report up for the Angels. I was surprised by how optimistic his outlook is; most players receive a clean bill, including injury-magnets Darin Erstad and Bengie Molina. I think he's a little tough on Troy Glaus, but he pretty much writes off the red light he assigns Tim Salmon.

It's redundant to say that health is key to the Angels' success this year, but the fact is there is not a lot of position player depth, as last season put into disturbing relief. If an injury takes out a key player for the whole season, I suspect Arte would open the pursestrings to acquire an expensive player in trade -- though I think the top five prospects (Mathis, McPherson, Kotchman, Santana, Jenks) should be untouchable except for extraordinary circumstances.

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