Monday, April 26, 2004

Well, as you know, Ramon Ortiz hung on, pitching in and out of jams and coming away with his first win of the year. Though it was nice to pick up the win and hang on the broom on the A's in their own ballpark, you have to wonder if this might not harm the Angels in the long run, giving Scoscia and crew undeserved confidence in Ortiz. I still maintain that Shields and Gregg are more deserving of the rotation spot (Richard at the Pearly Gates had a hilarious visual aid on this subject over the weekend), but maybe Bud Black has another miracle up his sleeve.

Especially satisfying in the sweep is that we did it with reservists like Legs Figgins and Jeff DaVanon playing all weekend. They played well, obviously, though the idea of starting a lineup Eckstein-Erstad-Figgins is just begging to be lambasted. The tone of the series was set the first night, when Barry Zito was incapable of getting anyone out, just leaving silly pitches over the middle of the plate and getting resultantly lit up. I mean, even The Punter knocked one off the wall.

Also key to the series was the work of Francisco Rodriguez (Aaron Gleeman enters a piece into the No Duh File on K-Rod at the Hardball Times [spotted via Sean at Purgatory Online]). Frankie is obscene out there, unfazed and in control of all of his pitches. He's a real joy to watch right now.

I'd imagine people are stepping back from the doomsaying after the sweep; we are now 11-8 and tied for first place, not bad after a grueling intradivisional three-week schedule. On the other hand, we have the same record as Texas and Detroit! The Lads need to take advantage of the next couple of weeks, wherein we face Detroit, Minnesota, and Tampa Bay.

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