Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Color me unimpressed with Baseball Prospectus' redesign. First of all, going to their site diverts you to the silly new URL "www.baseball-analysis.com"; why? Secondly, I'm just not a big fan of the new aesthetics of the site; this is a minor complaint.

My third and most serious complaint is that it's pretentious. In the upper right corner of the new homepage, you see a feature marked "Audit Team." So, you can select your team, blah blah blah ... here is the "Team Audit" for the Anaheim Angels.

You may recognize this as a simple list of statistics, such as can be found at ESPN and numerous other sources.

One difference: noticeable errors. Or, rather, error. BPro or BAna or whatever tells us the Angel SLG is .440 when it's really .436. What's up with that? Why do I have to audit the audit? Why is it called an audit, anyway? A list is not a freaking audit until it's verified, which apparently this hasn't.

I guess the big bonus is that batters and pitchers are on the same page, and that OOBP is listed right there for pitchers. BFD. I buy their book every year, and read their free content every day, but BPro/BAna hasn't given me much reason to subscribe to their premium service, and this redesign hasn't changed the results of my internal audit one bit.

Hopefully, the Primer's redesign will be better.

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