Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Rob at 6-4-2 compares Bill Stoneman with Paul DePodesta (the true hero of Moneyball, if you ask me), and finds Stoneman lacking in imagination. Though it's too early to determine if DePodesta's skills as an assistant carry over to being the big boss, my gut is to agree.

However, I have to disagree with this: "Stoneman's likely to hand out contracts for sentimental reasons, which isn't a good idea if your object is to win." Remember, this is the GM who let Scott Spiezio, who hit the most famous home run in franchise history (unseating Dave Henderson, thank God) walk this past offseason and replaced him with Jose Guillen. Guillen is four years younger, as good a hitter (he has a 117 weighted OPS+ the past two seasons against Speizio's 113), and has a higher upside. Not only that, but Guillen is $1.25 million cheaper this year than Sandfrog was last year. Unless Guillen completely collapses back to his pre-2003 levels, this was a smart move -- and one that demonstrates no undeserved sentimental loyalty.

As I've mentioned before, the largest test along these lines will come for Stoneman this offseason, with difficult decisions to make behind the plate, and third base, and in the outfield. Maybe Stoneman's been skating by on luck to this point (as Rob says of the Vlad signing), but I can't say I'm convinced Stoneman will make the wrong decisions this coming winter.

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