Friday, May 14, 2004

The Troy Glaus situation is predictably calamitous (grabbed the link via Rob at 6-4-2). Stoneman demurs (for now) from placing Glaus on the crowded DL, but the article says he "did admit, however, that being able to make the throw from third base was something Glaus would have to accomplish through rehabilitation, just like last year."

Um, okay.

"It's a concern going forward, and hopefully it'll improve to the point where he can play third again soon," Stoneman is quoted as saying.

So, last year he had a shoulder injury that kept him out for the season ... this year it's "a similar" injury requiring rehab ... and we think he can get out there soon?

What happens if he come come back to swing, but not to throw? He's stuck at DH ... so what happens when the Kingfish flops back on shore? Salmon plays left and the Black Knight plays center? That sounds just great, thanks ... the other option would be to keep DaVanon in center and have Salmon on the bench; DaVanon has outplayed the Fish early on, but it's just that: early on, and despite his customary slow start there is no reason to believe Salmon is finished.

Either scenario would also mean that The Legs would be starting at third, leaving the short stop to the short rally stopper, David Eckstein, and ruining my dreams of Figgins toppling that throne in the immediate future.

Rob chides me for giving up on Eckstein, pointing out that this is exactly what Boston did, to their rue and our delight. But Eckstein was a prospect then, and young, drawing walks in a (then) unappreciative organization. He peaked in the glorious 2002 -- at age 27, when we would expect. He is now a 29-year old who cannot hit and cannot walk, and seems to have passed off the "pitched ball target" mantle to Sr. Guillen. His defense remains strong, as does his effort, and our memory of his successes in year past. But I doubt his future is as sunny as that past, and I believe my preseason claim of his resurgence came more from heart than head.

I hope I am proven wrong in the weeks to come, and that Eckstein reverses his terrible trend and returns to the effectiveness to which we are accustomed. But the team has to be willing to cut ties with its past to properly realize its future, and if a Glaus injury leads to a permanent job for Eckstein, regardless of the latter's performance, this will constitute a Grade A Obstacle to this season's success.

When I read the paper about Glaus this morning, I had a flash: he's toast this year. Don't know why, just a feeling. If he has to only DH, I have no problem with that; the fans behind first base will now be safe from thrown baseballs. Of course, I want Garret to be DH so that he gets nowhere near an outfield slot, so it's a tussle. I still think that with a little playing time there, The Legs is the long term solution to the CF "problem". It doesn't look as if Halter or Amezaga are the answer, even in the short term, nor is Dallas McPherson ready yet. We'll get to see what kind of manager MS is in the next month or so.
Legs is the solution to CF? Gad, what awful choices the fates have thrust upon us this year.

I also had the same thoughts about Eckstein, especially after seeing him play in ST. But he's only been able to keep it up for a limited time, and it's scary how bad he's become and how quickly.
The team must be surprised by his downturn as well. I understand them wanting to give him a chance to work out of it ... but for God's sake get him out of the leadoff spot while he tries to do so. Get Figgins and DaVanon 1-2 where they belong ...
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