Thursday, May 20, 2004

... about arthritis. There's a conversation on Garret at the Primer, and readers are making comments over on Richard's entry as well.

It is possible that next we'll have two designated hitters on the roster (Salmon and Anderson), no centerfielder, and a tough decision on Troy Glaus.

I'd love to re-sign Glaus to a cheap, short-term contract, loaded in incentives for performance threshholds and games played. I believe him to be, by far, the most valuable property of the Injured Three, and it would be a real shame to lose him. Of course, perhaps he can come back to play first base ... where he'd just be blocking Kotchman, which would lead to the difficult question of whether or not to keep Glaus and trade Kotchman, or keep Glaus and keep Kotchman around for insurance, or let Glaus go and let the future begin now.

These questions must all be answered soon, but they can't be until we have a more accurate prognosis for Garret Anderson. Until this diagnosis, I was hopeful that the Angels would find a way to keep Glaus around, but these developments raise the specter of doubt.

It's intriguing (yet depressing) to mull various scenarios, but we don't really know where we are yet, pending information to be learned in Glaus' surgery, as well as Garret's reaction to working out. These are uncertain times for a fan -- I can't imagine how difficult they must be for players and management.

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