Thursday, May 13, 2004

We're about fifteen minutes from first pitch, so let's dive in:

-- Richard, Jeff DaVanon ain't never gonna be a star. Scott Podsednik doesn't really hold as a comparison either, as he's a couple years younger, plays better defense, and can steal bases.

-- I also don't agree with Richard that Kotchman has looked skittish afield. Of course, I've been watching the last few games on videotape, so maybe my perceptions are altered. I also have to say that his lack of walks doesn't bother me; he's the rookie and pitchers are challenging him because of that. He hasn't seen a lot of pitches out of the strike zone, and I haven't seen him chase many balls. I thinkt he kid is all right.

-- Just so it doesn't seem like I'm picking on Richard, let me say that he's right about the uselessness of Shane Halter, and in spades. With Mr. Glaus out indefinitely, you have to wonder if Dallas McPherson's time has come, though his performance in Arkansas (320/385/539) doesn't appear to lend itself to an immediate transition to Anaheim.

-- Back to Kotch for a sec: if he and Bengie entered a footrace, it would never end. They both run like getting there is just an option.

-- New nickname attempt: Jose Guillen is the Black Knight.

OK, I'm off to MLB Radio and Game Chatter ...

I'd agree that Kotchman is a very slick fielder overall, but he has booted a couple of balls. They were nothing too serious (he hasn't been credited with any errors) but they're plays he'd probably make under normal circumstances.

Dispite that small observation, I think he's been impressive in nearly every facet of the game thus far.
Does DaVanon need to be a "star" though? He's the solid OF back up that they need. Let's face it, by sabremetrics standards, players like him are a nickel a dozen, so bringing someone else in isn't going to make that much of a difference.

Re: Shane Halter. He doesn't seem to flourish in a starting role. Maybe he has the bench player mentality that doesn't translate to being a 150-game a year guy.

Dallas McPherson! That's the guy I was thinking of when pondering "the Angels 5 years from now". He might not be ready though. Kotchman, though, might be the real deal.
Yeah, I should have pointed out that I'm not anti-DaVanon; I think he's a useful reserve, and I'm certainly not advocating replacing him. I was just responding to the notion that he could be a star if he just stopped making stupid mistakes.
re: DaVannon- Sabermetricly speaking he has been a star this year. He's putting up 298/.426/.511! Jeff's become some kind of walking machine! It looks as though he's changed his approach at the plate in this regard, and he already had the speed and the power. If he had regular playing time he could put up very good numbers.

Of course that’s just my opinion- I could be wrong.
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