Thursday, May 20, 2004

Look, I like the Baseball Prospectus. I buy and enjoy their book every year. But the free content (by which I mean the articles, not the free stats) on their website is so weak that I would never consider paying them money.

Today we get an article on the top catcher arms of the year. This information is readily available on the net; the only difference is that the success percentages are converted to runs.

Yesterday, BPro covered the Angels in their "Prospectus Triple Play." Here is the information they covered:

-- Francisco Rodgriguez is dominant.

-- It's a bummer that Troy Glaus is hurt.

-- Casey Kotchman is probably better than Darin Erstad ... right now.

-- The Angels have even more prospects at Arkansas that you should know about.

Um, guys, thanks for the insight. I get that this feature is probably to keep fans of other teams abreast of certain developments, but come on ... couldn't we try to have something new here, guys? Is that too much to ask?

Maybe the premium content is better, I don't know; I know that I don't believe in PECOTA enough to pay for it. And I do appreciate their up-to-the-minute stats.

I'm basically writing about this because I know practically nothing about arthritis. The diagnosis for Garret is good only in that it is a diagnosis. We don't really have a prognosis yet, or a timetable for his return. He can start non-weight-bearing exercises in one week, so who knows how long before he can start swinging a bat or throwing a ball. We may well have to get used to our current lineup ...

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