Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Studes over at the Hardball Times takes a look at just how the Angels are winning. He finds that, even though we have an unexceptional OBP, we get guys into scoring position, and are very good and knocking them in once they get there. He also points out that, in stark contrast to the 2002 team, it's the pitching and not the defense that most carries the run-prevention water. A worthwhile article.

Studes credits a blogger named Sky King for inspring the article with this look at how the Angel defense has suffered without Darin Erstad in in center.

There is another defensive trend that disturbs me in the early going. Bengie Molina looks just awful throwing the ball to second base. Last year, he threw out 44.4% of runners; the year before, 44.9%, and these exceptional rates brought him two straight Gold Gloves. Now, it's early, and small sample sizes may well apply, but his rate is a pathetic 22.2% this season. And last night against he Yanks he bounced two throws to the bag. Okay, the mud affected his footwork, and one came with Troy "What, Me Worry About Men on Base?" Percival on the mound, but it was not an atypical sight.

Are the pitchers culpable? Well, Jose Molina is posting a Bengie-esque 42.9%.

This is an alarming trend with Bengie, and something the Angels should monitor as the season progresses.

Re: The Punter vs. Garret in CF. Even on a busted leg, Erstad is a better outfielder. I should start a petition: Garret for DH! Don't let him butcher any more fly balls!

Re: Bengie. The first time I saw him this year, I thought "Woah, Scoscia must be cooking for him"; he's got a bit of a gut now. I wonder if that's a reason for his poor-ish defensive showing so far? I just keep thinking "Stay healthy for 2 more years and then Jeff Mathis will be ready".
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