Monday, May 24, 2004

Well, that was sufficiently disgusting.

Let me explain how it works: at work, I listen along on MLB Audio. I get off work at 6:30. East Coast games tend to end around 7, which is when I get home. I videotape the games, so I don't pay any attention to the last few innings until I review them on tape.

So when I left the office today, at 6:30, the Angels led 5-4. I double-checked when I got home, noted the game was still going on (what, extra innings?), and set the VCR to record a little bit more.

Sadly, I have the whole "game" on tape now.

Not only do we witness some of the worst home-plate umpiring outside of Eric Gregg's orbit, we get subpar Little League fundamentals.

My blame for the calamitous last play falls on Alfredo Amezaga. Back when I was in school and played baseball, it was the responsibility of the guy receiving the ball (i.e. Amezaga) to call "ball." Theoretically, this would happen when the guy with the ball had pretty much run the guy back to the base whence he came.

Presuming the Lads run this play the same way, Amezaga called for the ball way too early, and he gave Gomez ample time to turn around and run toward home. Waiting would have also allowed Weber the time to get home. Baseball Tonight claimed Kotchman should also have been running home, but the video doesn't really reveal that he wasn't; he was a good two yards further away from home than was Weber when the rundown started to go down.*

Ben Weber also deserves blame for walking crappy "hitters" like Chris Gomez.

I'm not going to lay much blame on Frankie, who pitched well. None of the three hits he allowed would have been hits in a real ballpark: one was lost against the roof by Legs (his second defensive screw-up of the day, and both of them led to costly runs scoring), one was a sky-high chopper, and one just got by Eckstein into the hole by thismuch.

I also don't understand why the hell Scot Shields couldn't have pitched two frickin' innings. Why would you put Weber into a close game at this point? He's been awful all season, and if you think he can make it back, only put him in during mop-up situations.

Anyway, this was a sickening, revolting excuse for a ballgame. We're all going to need the day off to erase this from our memories.

*I corrected this sentence, as I had originally thought Kotch had laid down out of Kennedy's way, but reviewing the tape showed I had remembered that detail incorrectly. The original, wrong sentence: I don't blame Kotchman for laying on the ground the whole time, because his getting up would have put him in Adam Kennedy's way, which would have led to a whole host of other problems before the play even developed.

Mostly for the monkey boys at primer.

Since you were listening to the radio, I guess you heard about how are Angels got to Sky Dome in time for the game, on a Monday no less.

10 hours on a plane for 5 hour flight.
White Castle, 'the mid-west fast food champ', for a late night snack.
The regular hastle at Canadian customs for sports teams from the U.S.A.
The sight of Detroit's lovely airport, from an airplane window, for 5 plus hours.
Little sleep.
And then having to play a game in the big beautiful empty (14,000 on a holiday) Sky Dome. After all thoes sold out home games, got to be a let down.
Then the uncalled for plunk-a-thon, and unpaid overtime. They are humans not machines. So cut them slack for one shity game. The Halo's still have the best record in BaseBall.Wait until the AllStar game to start freaking out.

But putting in Webber was a big mistake. I was thinking put in The Ortiz, to maybe raise his value for a trade involving a third baseman.

PS. Did you set up your clock yet? Today was the first loss for mine. (3-1)

eyespy (sorry so looooong)
Yeah, all things considered, the guys get slack (I'm not really giving up at all,despite my bitter post-game tone). It's just frustrating to lose a game you should have won. It's much more comforting to just get blown out 10-1. Of course, good teams usually don't get blown out; I would think that good teams are more likely to lose close games than lose blowouts.
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