Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Headline in the LA Times:

Scioscia Says Weight Not a Factor for Colon
Yeah, like Mike Scioscia's gonna talk about someone's weight.

Great quote from Colon on the subject: "Where I'm from, the big mango trees, the ones with the really ripe mangos, are the ones we threw rocks at. They're more ripe than the green ones." Fine, Bartolo, you asked for it: you are now known as The Big Mango ...

... Richard says he's heard rumors that the Angels are looking into trading for The Ugly Unit. I'm not sure the trade works; Arizona would have to get top-notch propsects, meaning one of Ervin Santana and Bobby Jenks and one of Jeff Mathis and Dallas McPherson, and perhaps one major league player (DaVanon? Ortiz? Kennedy, opening a spot for Armageddon at third and The Legs at second?). Even putting aside my ethical problems with putting a Trojan on the team, this is probably too high a price to pay. If we could get him by giving up lesser prospects, it could be a good deal. This assumes, of course, that RJ waives his 10-and-5 rights to come back "home" and pitch ... not necessarily a given.

But if McPherson is traded, I'll scream.

Big Mango Boom...
Jenks, Ortiz, DaVanon & Kennedy for Randy = yes!
I don't think Jenks, Ortiz, DaVanon, and Kennedy for Pretty Boy Johnson would work. Stars are fetching three prospects nowadays (behold the booty for Beltran). I don't think Arizona would cough up the face of the organization for one prospect, one decent starter, one fourth outfielder that may be a good starter, and a starting pitcher who can't make a rotation. They'd want more.
What the Royals got three prospects Beltran, yes- but Wood and Buck are marginal prospects at best. I think a deal with DaVanon, Mathis, and another second-tier prospect (someone suggested Shell) would probably get it done. Of course the real reason the D-Backs would deal the Unit is to get out from under his $16m salary next year, so prospects are just a bonus for them.
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