Thursday, June 24, 2004

So the A's have acquired Octavio Dotel. This obviously improves their bullpen, but how much?

Dotel has a 3.12 ERA in 34 2/3 innings of work this year, but he's better than that. He's whiffed 50 men to 15 walks in that time, allowing 27 hits and 4 home runs. The home runs are just a tad high, but nothing to worry about. Behold:


146 .342 .103 .027
140 .207 .114 .050
154 .396 .078 .006

The top line is Dotel. The middle line is Arthur Rhodes, the guy he's replacing at closer, and the bottom line, just for kicks, is K-Rod.

Dotel will be an obvious improvement over Rhodes, but that's not really who he's replacing. He'll be taking innings from the struggling Jim Mecir at the back of the bullpen, and allow Rhodes to reclaim his mojo taking innings from the even more embattled Ricardo Rincon, who will maybe not-so-much punch out Jim Thome.

But most of the Athletic bullpen was already performing worse than their career norms, and we might have expected an improvement regardless of making a move. They may gain a win or two at most, and that's being generous. This division is shaping up to be tight, and that may be enough, but it's not as though Dotel is the magic elixir and the F'in A trade Beane craves. I read this as a relatively panicky move on his part. It helps him, but it doesn't put the A's out of our sights by any stretch.

UPDATE: Overtime ends at five hours. If any of you reading this are still in college, here is my advice to you: stay. Do whatever it takes to avoid joining the working world.

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