Thursday, June 03, 2004

I'm still speechless from the game last night. You all know what happened ... suffice to say that I'm keeping my videotape of last night's game.

What a triumph. The Lads have shown great resiliency this season: just when you think it's all about to fall apart, that the injuries are going to catch up with and derail them, everything comes together and you pull off two great wins against a fantastic team.

Yes, Ace put up another yikes performance, but that's about the only negative on last night's game -- and it will have to be reckoned with, but we're fans and let's bask for now ...

Hearts are aflutter as Frankie filled in for Percival last night, and there is some suspicion that Percy's arm tightness was a cover story. I for one think that Percival should absolutely stay the closer, but not because of seniority or his intestinal fortitude or anything like that.

Percy should remain the closer because K-Rod is so much better.

Rodriguez is much more valuable coming into games with runners on base, the score tight, and being able to go more than one inning. Though filling in for Percival against the meat of the order is an exception, for the most part K-Rod's skills would be badly wasted on protecting three-run leads.

Take the game two nights ago. Rodriguez enters the game with the Lads up 6-4, but the Sox threatening with a man on base. He does his thing, the Lads score another run, then Percy comes in to make it close. What if Percival had come in and done his thing in the seventh and eighth? The Sox tie the game (or take the lead) and we never even seen Frankie pitch.

Can you imagine Percival coming into a game with men on base? Can you imagine him entering a tie game with the bases loaded? It's preposterous. With our offense, a one-run lead in the seventh could easily be a four-run lead in the ninth. Would you rather have Percy or K-Rod defending the one-run lead? Putting in K-Rod is like using a cheat code in a video game. When do you want to use the cheat code, when you're in trouble or when things are in hand? It's an easy call; leave them both in their roles, and watch the W's rack up.


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