Monday, August 16, 2004

-- Am I the only Angel blogger that watched the game yesterday? Typical Angel victory: no offense, mediocre pitcher doing just enough to get the win. Aaron Sele has the upper hand over Ramon Ortiz on the Who's Not The Worst Seesaw (based on recent performance -- their season ERAs are withing 0.01 of each other), which will matter only if and when Ace Washburn returns from injury. He's finally throwing without pain, so that's a good thing.

-- Is Bengie Molina too fat? Mike Scoscia dice:

Does his weight hurt him day to day? No. Will it hurt him year to year? That's a possibility. I've lived that. He's able to go out there and do the things he needs to do and play at a very high level.
Has no one noticed that Bengie can't throw out baserunners anymore? Is there a chance his weight is part of that?

-- Mystery solved! What seems like years later, it is revealed that Jose Guillen really was at the players-only meeting! He was just joshing the media, y'see. That Jose, he's quite the kidder ...

From the same item:
The Angels signed third baseman Mark Trumbo, their 18th-round draft pick out of Villa Park High, after convincing him not to attend USC. [emphasis mine]
A heroic deed from Angel management! We'll save the world one person at a time from the horrors of U$C ...

... pretty quiet day out there, as the Lads have the day off.

Me! Me! I noticed!


Seriously, it's a big deal. The worst of it is that Molina doesn't seem to think it's a problem.
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