Thursday, August 05, 2004

-- Did you know that Chone Figgins has a higher slugging percentage than Garret Anderson? That's right; coming into play today, The Legs has a .433 slugging percentage against Garret's .424. It's not just the triples: Figgins gets a double every 25.3 at bats, and Garret does once every 30.6. This is how powerful our team is: aside from Troy Glaus, Figgins ranks behind only Vlad, GUILLEN SMASH, and the streaking Robb Quinlan in slugging percentage.

-- But don't worry; help is on the way, in the person of the Big Cat, El Gato Grande: Andres Galarraga. Le Grand Chat is roughly 3,000 years old at this point. The fact that he keeps beating back disease to make a comeback is amazing and commendable, and he played well (a 118 OPS+) in a platoon role last year with the Giants. I'm not sure where he fits into the Angel plans ... perhaps platooning at first, punting Erstad back to the outfield? Taking away at bats from Tim Salmon? Can Die Große Katze pitch? It's hard to say, and his appearance in the majors is not even guaranteed. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

-- After a few weeks of good starting pitching, why did Ramon Ortiz have to turn back into a pumpkin? Why did John Lackey's arrow have to land on the "Hyde" on his "Jekyll/Hyde" spinner? They need to salvage a game against Minnesota today; we're not supposed to be losing series, remember? At least winning a game would salve the wound so we can keep going and work it out on the hapless Royals.

Is he still El Gato Grande, or has he turned into El Gato Gordo yet (little shout out to the Riverside folks there, if that restaurant still exists)?

By the way, I don't care for blogger's comments dealie. You should check out Haloscan. Not only is their comment service better, but you'd get the cool double entendre thing going, too.

You know, I had Haloscan for a couple days, and then Blogger came out with their version, so I switched to that. The registering on Blogger probably is kind of a pain ... I'll think about switching it back, or doing both or something ...

... I know it's your original hood and all, Shred, but I think Riverside is the most depressing town I have ever visited (non-Oklahoma division). Of course, I was in high school when I was there and thought that. I spent an afternoon there about a year ago that wasn't so bad ...
Re Haloscan comments: two reasons to avoid them:

1) Their server goes up and down more often than a two dollar hooker.

2) Because they use Javascript to present comments, if their server is down, so's your site.

3) Haloscan has an upper post size limit that's pretty small -- 4k IIRC -- unless you pay them what I consider to be an unreasonable amount of money.

You might recall I used Haloscan for a while, but have subsequently switched to Blogger comments. Sure, Blogger doesn't handle anonymous comments as well, but I just can't recommend Haloscan, either.
Depends on where you go in Riverside. The area around the U and the area around the Victoria Club are pretty nice. But yeah, a lot of it sucks.

My Haloscan experience is limited to the some political blogs, but I'm guessing maybe Atrios pays for his service.

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