Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Last night Bengie Molina grounded the ball to Desi Relaford at second. Relaford bobbled the ball -- no big deal. But then he rushed his throw and threw the ball several feet away from the first sack. As the ball sailed by the baffled Royal first baseman, Bengie was approximately 45 feet away from reaching first base.

Look, there have been some bad plays made by second basemen in history. Need we remind ourselves of the throwing adventures of Steve Sax, or the similar mental block suffered by the once-great Chuck Knoblauch? But, to me, this play takes the cake.

You've got the slowest runner in the majors "running" down the line, and you rush the throw? Are you kidding me? Relaford could have run to first base himself and retired Molina! You don't think so? Do you think Bengie Molina going 45 feet with a running start is faster than Relaford running 70 feet from a standing start?

Okay, you're probably right, I'm exaggerating to say he could have run to first. But come on, I could have made that throw, and I'm a lousy ballplayer.

Needless to say, the Royals are epicly bad (as far as I know, the word "epicly" has been invented by me). I don't recall ever seeing a team so poor in basic fundamentals. The Angels have certainly had their nadirs over the years, but I don't remember having a stretch as mind-boggling as that the Royals have put up against us. I just hope that this doesn't get our guard down, as we're about to to face two teams that just don't hand away three or four runs a game ....

... We all know of Troy Glaus' big day: 1-3 with big fat three-run homer and a walk. It's folly to get overexcited about one game, especially against California League competition, but wow, it's just exciting to see (or hear of) him back in action after what was supposed to be a career-altering injury. And with the good news on the Ace Washburn front ... someone outta pinch me.

I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but I've been using the "word" epicly several times a day for the past 10 years. I was literally shocked when I discovered that it was not, in fact, a real word (which just happened five seconds ago).
I made a similar comment to my dad the other day when Bengie grounded into a third to first DP (he did do that, right?). I remember thinking that A-Rod could have tagged the bag at third and walked over to first base and still beat Bengie to the bag.
The problem is you're misspelling the word epically.
Oh, hell. Well, color me stupid ...
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