Thursday, September 30, 2004

When Curtis Pride -- Curtis Pride! -- is hitting two-out doubles to tie games, you suspect there may be a higher power at work. When you have a hitter fouling off all the pitches in the world before hitting a big home run, you also get a sense of deja vu -- or maybe it's just a glitch in the Matrix ...

I was watching the game at a bar last night, so there are no witnesses to the fact that I was skeptical about Frankie K. going two innings. In retrospect, it doesn't make any sense for me to have doubted, as he hadn't pitched for a couple days. But still ... Texas hitters did a good job, and he was clearly tired and trying to hard in the eighth inning.

But, all things considered, last night was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.


Park Adjusted
Lackey 194.0 4.55 .169 .066 .254 .027 4.63
Young 30.3 4.75 .170 .067 .237 .037 4.28
Chris Young is another of those who-dat guys that comes out of nowhere to shut the Lads down now and again. Oddly enough, Young's good starts have come against us and Boston (with a decent start against Minnesota), and his bad starts are against the lesser White Sox and Mariners. Now that we've seen him once, I feel pretty good about it.

The big question, of course, is which Lackey will show up. He's had four straight good starts, however, and is 3-1 with a 1.85 ERA in 34 September innings (innings that have also been devoid of home runs). We've seen Lackey go on stretches like this before, so of course I wouldn't be surprised to see him continue his excellence in a big game in his home state.

Holy cow, we're about 45 minutes away from the first pitch!

With GA out, my dream lineup:

1) Figgins - 2B
2) Erstad - CF
3) Glaus - DH
4) Guerrero - RF
5) DaVanon - LF
6) McPherson - 3B
7) Molina - C
8) Kotchman - 1B
9) Eckstein - SS

I don't really relish the though of DaVanon AND either Riggs or Pride in there, but there's no way they'll do the smart thing and put Erstad in center today.
I was on a call for the last three innings. How pathetic did the offense look, and do we even stand a chance in any of the next three games?
Well, the only good thing that comes from today's results are that there will be no one-game playoff.

And nah, no need for The Punter in CF; he's played incredible 1B this year, Gold Glove caliber. The 3B they've used--Glaus, McPherson, Chone, Quinlan, Amezaga etc.--would have a combined 80 errors if it weren't for Erstad digging the ball out of the dirt like it was nothing.
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