Tuesday, September 28, 2004

So it looks like someone turned on the on switch on Vlad, and Bartolo Colon did what he had to, and we got an impressive and exciting win against the Texans. Nice job by Troy Percival, too. He brought his fastball in, jamming hitters and finally blowing away Brian Jordan like it was 1995 or somethin' ... while we're at it, I was totally behind Scioscia's decision to go with Colon in the ninth. He hadn't thrown many pitches, and he wasn't making bad pitches for the hits in that innings. The guys just got good wood on the ball, and it happened to be twice consecutively.


Park Adjusted
Escobar 197.0 3.88 .219 .087 .220 .024 3.94
Park 84.0 5.79 .151 .069 .257 .053 5.22
Kelvim Escobar gave up five earned runs in five innings against Oakland earlier this week -- this was only his third non-quality start since mid-August.

As with all Escobar starts this year, the main question will be whether the Angels can put together some runs. They have to take advantage of Chan Ho Park, who, as you almost certainly know, is an utter disaster. We think Colon is bad? Park is making over $13 million this year to screw up day after day. (Gotta love ESPN sometimes -- check out his alleged game log.) The Angels have long had Park's number (he has a 5.23 ERA against us in 74 lifetime innings) and he gets rocked in The Ballpark (a 6.47 ERA in just over 40 innings at home this year); this is no day to reverse these trends. He did manage a decent start against Oakland in his most recent outing, but such events are few and bar between.

Just like last night, this is a game the Angels should win.

What is up with it saying that he was acquired by Atlanta on August 5?
I don't know -- maybe the data entry guy is a wishful Ranger fan.
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