Monday, September 27, 2004

A trip around the web and the Guillen story:

-- Mike DiGiovanna's LA Times story makes it clear that the suspension is not just for the Saturday incident (for which, by the way, no video appears to exist, as it was not shown on the Fox/Channel 13 telecast). Mike Scioscia: "There have been a number of things — it wasn't just [Saturday]. I won't get into specifics about what transpired over the course of the year." Bill Stonemanbot: "I would say it's cumulative."

There is clearly a great deal to this story we do not know.

-- J.A. Adande's bizarrely non sequitur-free column on the subject includes this passage:

When asked about the behavior that precipitated Guillen's departure, Darin Erstad said he wouldn't discuss what happens in the clubhouse, an indication that perhaps there was something said after the game and not just Guillen's visible tossing of his helmet and glove after his removal Saturday.

Stoneman and Scioscia made it clear that the suspension was an accumulation of attitude by Guillen throughout the season.
Adande also puts forward the non-revolutionary idea that Guillen will not be a Lad next season.

-- The Punter continues to talk the talk in the LA Times report on the actual game: "You either fold up and let it affect you or come together and become stronger .... It's very unfortunate. I feel bad for Jose. But sometimes things like this can bring you together as a team."

-- David Pinto says this is "a lose-lose situation for both the player and the team," but I'm not necessarily inclined to agree. Yes, Jose's been a hell of a hitter for most of the year. But he's been slumping of late, and if his actions off the field are truly a distraction or otherwise harmful, the team could be better off.

It's obviously frustrating, as a fan, so be supporting these guys all year and to have something like this happen without explanation. I really have no idea if this suspension was justified or not, and neither do you. All we can do now is hope for the best and move on.

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