Friday, October 08, 2004

We seem out of it, charge back late, and come up a bit short.

That's the season; that's the game.

The decision to bring in Washburn was mind-blowing. Yes, K-Rod had thrown a lot of pitches, but he was going strong. He could have gotten one more out.

We did not lose with our best. We lost with Wash.

Oh well.

The crushing appropriateness of it all is just so ... crushing.

More later.

I'm on record supporting the decision, and I stand by it. But I would have supported him stayig with Frankie as well.

We lost this game with poor defense, no clutch hitting (except for Vlad), and a host of other reasons.
Here's an email I received from Keith Law during the game:

How blatantly is the HP ump trying to give this game to Boston?

What a joke.


Couldn't have said it better myself.
Washburn was the best of a limited arsenal available. K-Rod was losing the strike zone, and the Sox were waking back up and re-acquiring their plate discipline.

As an ancient Sox fan, I am glad (in the Old Testament way that is our lot) that this game wasn't easy. As a baseball fan, I was glad that the "real" Angels showed up after the 6th. Beat up, worn out, hung down, and brung down, they were a fine, scappy club; made weak by time and fate, but willing to strive, to seak, to find, and not to yield.

See you -- same time, next year.
Obviously hindsight is 20/20 but I don't have a problem with leaving Wash in the game. Yes he pitched poorly in game one but mixed in with the pound was the fact that he had Ortiz baffled. I think Scoscia must have watched the tape and seen that.

We didn't lose the series on the decision. We lost it on defense primarily back up with poor hitting in the clutch. You can make a case that every game was decided by defense. Figgins in game one (although I think Boston would eventually have gotten to Wash), the wild pitch in game two, and Ecksteins error tonight. Shame it had to end this way. I have to say that I prefer the wild and a ring to the division and a sweep.

PS I see that The Trouble Maker has apologized and The Fat Man has said that he would take him back next year if he behaves himself. Management better not dump him just to prove a point. I am not defending Guillen by the way. He is an asshole. I saw him hit a walk off extra inning homer in person this year and I noticed that he didn't even both giving the crowd a curtain call. I wasn't expecting much just a tip of the hat. But what was important about that event? The walk off home run of course. No body lived Ted WIlliams but he is a hall of famer.

PPS What are the Dodgers doing with Bradley, on the other hand. First he flips his lid at home, then he gets into a fist fight with a reporter. And he is still playing. Cards are still going to crush the Dodgers like bugs though. (Misery loves company.)
FWIW, I did oppose the Washburn decision as it was made. Over on BTF's Game Chatter, I said "please no" and "Holy #### Hell" to the decision to bring him in. K-Rod had just struck out Manny Ramirez -- looking -- for God's sakes.

Of course, it is true that that one decision did not lose the series for us. Nor did the ump. The team made a plethora of mistakes and passed up so many opportunities.
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