Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Ken Rosenthal now claims that the Angels, continuing to make big impact acquisitions that will demoralize the A's and leave potential postseason opponents quaking in their boots, have signed Paul Byrd to a one-year deal. Financial consideration is not yet reported.

Paul Byrd had a solid 110 ERA+ last year, but only managed 19 starts and just over 114 innings. This was coming off a 132 ERA+ in 228 1/3 innings in 2002, far and away Byrd's best year -- and surgery rehab in 2003. [I screwed this up earlier and fixed after reader comments.]

By itself, I'd say signing Byrd is an okay move; he's had an ERA+ over 100 practically every year, though durability has been a big problem for him.

In the meantime, Rosenthal also alleges that the Angels are still targetting Matt Clement, and now seek to trade Ace Washburn.

So the money saved from signing Father Time has been spent on Esteban Yan and Paul Byrd, and maybe Matt Clement, if everything goes right.

Any resemblance to the 2004 San Francisco Giants is purely coincidental.

Paul Byrd had a solid 110 ERA+ last year, but only managed 19 starts and just over 114 innings. This was coming off a 132 ERA+ in 228 1/3 innings in 2003, far and away Byrd's best year.Well, that 132 ERA+ was actually in 2002. He didn't pitch in 2003 because of elbow reconstruction surgery, AKA Tommy John surgery.

I wasn't terribly upset with this, but again, Byrd does not equal Clement. I still hope that the Clement move happens, but Byrd for one year at $4.5 million isn't terrible.

His #2 comp. on his bball reference page is Carl Pavano, and he was had for half the cost for only a one year commitment.
So much for that idea. I always figured that signing Clement was a precursor to dealing Washburn in a package for Randy Johnson, who really is sounding more and more like a dick every day. I had a lot of high hopes for this off-season, and it's turning out really.....lame. I mean, I'm not all that pissed or anything, now that I've settled down a bit on Finley (whom I still like to kneecap), but these moves are just boring.
Oh, my bad on the 2002/2003 mix-up.

Shred, I kind of agree with you. The problem is that these moves all seem kind of complacent, like all we need are some more decent players and that makes us a top tier team. I still think we'll be good, but Stoneman hasn't seemed to realize that we need to be a lot better to make an impact in the postseason, or even to fend off the A's and Rangers again.
Well if they get to the post-season again, they should be a lot better. They're no worse defensively than they were in the last post-season, and maybe a little better. They'd be running out McPherson after a whole year in the majors, instead of a few weeks. Kennedy should be back by then. And Anderson claims to be back to 100%, which he was never close to last year.

And you never know. Just when you think Stoneman is done, he may pull something out like he did last off-season.

I kind of the like the Byrd signing the more I think about it. As Sheehan often says about contracts, it's not usually the salary that kills you, it's the length. This is just a one year commitment for not a ton of money. It's a HUGE upgrade over Sele, who he replaces.

What would REALLY suck is if they get stupid, which history tells us they likely will, and give Byrd a 3 year, $21MM extension when he has a good April and May, and right before he blows out his shoulder again.
So, the scorecard for today's moves currently reads B-Teamers 3, Angels 0. Yup, we picked up three B-Teamers who will add zero value. And the next big acquisition could very well be Matt Clement? With all due respect, I hope we didn't make the choice of Finley over Beltran to save our payroll money for Matt Clement! I'm hoping...no, praying...that Stoneman has another big surprise in the works: a real, first-rate starting pitcher.
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