Friday, December 10, 2004

Well, the LA Times is reporting the Steve Finley signing is for real, so I guess I'd better get my head out of the sand so I can puke in a sanitary manner.

Per the Times, Finely's being inked to a two-year deal (with an option on a third year -- pshaw) worth between $15M and $20M total. This gives the Angels flexibility! Yes, we are now flexible enough to put either Finley or Anderson in center and suck hard either way.

Here's a howler from the article: "Though the left-handed-hitting Finley will turn 40 in March, he is in excellent shape and hopes to play for another four years." Hardy har, 40-year-old that can't play defense have great track records ... also pathetically comical is the notion that this gives the Angels one of the most "formidable" outfields in the game, as though this is 1997 or something.

I don't know what the hell a two-year deal does for us, anyway. Let's say everything goes terribly wrong with the prospects, and Casey Kotchman and Kendry Morales aren't ready until 2006. Kotch goes to first, Erstad goes to left because Finley's in center, Anderson goes to DH because he has arthritis, and Morales goes ... where, exactly? Of course, I'm sure Kotchman is on his way to Arizona now, so he and Glaus can be a rockin' corner infield combo for a few years ...

This gives the Angels the financial flexibility to waste money and effort on the likes of Carl Pavano. Whoopee. I'd rather have one of Beltran and Randy Johnson than both of Finley and Pavano. Maybe that's just me, I don't know ...

It's a good thing we have only one left-handed pitcher, because the left-center gap next year is going to be a free-doubles zone.

And here's another thing ... last offseason, Jose Guillen was signed for a two-year deal at $3M per. Now we're signing Finley for a two-year deal at at least $7.5M per. Do you really think Finley at this point is $4.5M better than Guillen, no matter what the off-field nonsense is? Guillen was kind of a butcher in left on range, but he had a great arm and an OPS+ of 119. Finley is eleven years older than Guillen, had an OPS+ of 110, and was a butcher in CF without the arm (5 assists total last year). I'm not saying we shoulda kept the malcontent, but oy ...

Morales better be &(#*ing good to make up for this.

Fuck it. I'm not even going to bother to get extra innings this year. This is the stupidest deal this team has ever made. I'm fucking done with these idiots.
Okay, I'll grant you that my immediate reaction to this deal has me cussing up a blue streak. However, I'm trying to keep an open mind until the other shoe drops (yeah, I am hoping that there is another shoe to drop).

I know you'd rather have one of Beltran and Johnson than both of Finley and Pavano. Maybe the Angels are setting the table for that "one": Johnson. This deal frees up payroll money under Moreno's self-imposed $100M maximum for Johnson that would probably have been otherwise earmarked for Beltran, and it frees up either *gulp* Kotchman or the Punter to include in a trade package for Johnson.

If this deal leads to the acquisition of Johnson or another first-rate pitcher (and, for cryin' out loud, Pavano does not qualify as that first-rate pitcher), I'm okay with it. If not, I guess I'm back to cussing up a blue streak...
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