Monday, December 20, 2004

Um, where the hell did this come from? What the hell are we going to do with Figgins when Kennedy comes back? Figgins, I believe, would be a good defensive shorstop if given the time and training to develop; the only problem with Figgins' defense is he moves around from position to position and never gets settled.

So, instead of teaching Figgins short -- and he has more physical tools for short than Eckstein does, and Eckstein is a very good defender -- and putting Eck at second until Kennedy returns, they tie up the shortstop job for four years, blocking out one of Kennedy and Figgins, either of which is a good bet to outproduce Cabrera at the plate for the next four seasons.

Don't believe me? Adam Kennedy has a career OPS+ of 91, which actually understates his value, as since he's hit is prime he's been a league average hitter practically every year.

Cabrera's career high in OPS+ is 95, and his career mark is 83. Also, Kennedy is a year younger than The OC.

Then, over here, we have Legs Figgins, younger than both of them, who was as good a hitter as Kennedy last season. While Cabrera is due to make $8M a year over this deal, Kennedy makes under $3M per year. Figgins makes under a million.

Kennedy and Figgins were -1 and +5 RCAA last year, per Lee Sinins. Cabrera was -21.

Kennedy and Figgins had OPS+'s of 98 and 101; Cabrera: 79.

Kennedy and Figgins had 13 and 20 Win Shares (and WS underestimates Kennedy's defense because it overestimates how many groundballs were hit against the Angels); Cabrera had 12.

Kennedy was -1 WSAA (which is BS because of the defense, if you ask me), Figgins was +4; Cabrera was -6.

WARP1: Kennedy 3.8 (BPro screws up his defense, too; he led the league in ZR and had a high UZR, and all these clowns are walking around saying he was below average: poppycock), Figgins 3.6. Cabrera: 2.1.

So, that's worth paying $8M, I think, to get a guy no better than one guy who makes under a million and one guy that makes under three. Well done, Stoneman, I'm glad we didn't waste that money on Carlos Beltran or Pedro or anyone like that ...

(The above were my initial comments I posted at BTF upon hearing the news ... I should be up with more later ...)

Figgins is next...
We signed Finley, saving the money that might have gone to Beltran, so that we could sign...Orlando Cabrera??? Geez, this is getting to be a tough, tough winter!!!
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