Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Ladies and Gentlmen, here are the 2004 statistics for two pitchers, along with the league average in each category.

             IP    BFP   W   L   ERA*  K/BF  BB/BF  HR/BF  H/BF

Pitcher A 149.3 640 11 8 4.64 .134 .063 .031 .248
Pitcher B 208.3 878 11 12 3.93 .218 .087 .024 .219
League* ----- --- -- -- 4.59 .162 .084 .029 .237
*ERA adjusted for park; League BFP estimated, so in actuality
the league numbers would be slightly lower, as HBP and sacs
were not included in estimation
Okay, one year does not a comparison make, so let's look at 2002-2004 as a whole:

             IP    BFP   W   L   ERA   K/BF  BB/BF  HR/BF  H/BF  SV  ERA+

Pitcher A 562.7 2368 39 29 4.01 .145 .065 .062 .231 0 112
Pitcher B 466.7 2030 29 28 4.13 .214 .098 .023 .225 42 112
So here's an interesting comparison. Pitcher B has been used in a different way than Pitcher A, but in terms of run prevention they have been equal over this time.

Oh, one more thing: Pitcher B is 28 years old and was signed as a free agent, but Pitcher A is 29 and seeking a salary through arbitration.

As I'm sure you've realized, Pitcher B is Kelvim Escobar, and Pitcher A is Ace Washburn. Jarrod signed a contract for $6.5M for 2005, thus avoiding arbitration. Kelvim Escobar is due to make $6M this year, and is due to make $6.5M in 2006.

Looking at the above, I guess the Angels got Jarrod for a pretty good value, at leats looking backward. I'd have to say Kelvim's immediate future is brighter, though. Maybe Wash can come back from his struggles over the last two years ... but I don't really know that he's going to be worth $6.5M this year. But given deals handed out to the likes of Derek Lowe and Kris Benson this offseason, and the fact that Escobar at his 2004 level of performance is quite a bargain, I shouldn't complain.

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