Friday, January 21, 2005

-Anaheim got a smackdown on its desire for a preliminary injunction, so now their last chance to derail Moreno's LA Train will be at a to-be-scheduled trial. It is my inexpert legal opinion that the city of Anaheim is screwed here. I know I have at least one lawyer who reads me, maybe he or others can jump into tell me I'm wrong.

-The minor league coaching staff has been revealed. Mike Brumley no longer manages at AAA Salt Lake, and has been replaced by Dino Ebel, formerly of the organization of the other LA team. Rancho Cucamonga manager Rusty Meacham has been replaced by last year's AA manager at Arkansas, Tyrone Boykin, opening up the AA spot for Tom Gamboa, best-known for getting randomly attacked by some slack-jawed yokels at a White Sox game.

A couple of former major leaguers have joined the staff, with Bryn Smith the pitching coach at AAA and Craig Grebeck lined up as a hitting coach(!) at Mesa in the rookie league. I liked Grebeck, he was kind of like David Eckstein without the opportunity*, but hitting coach? Well, he did hit his first major league home run off of Nolan Ryan ...

-For three days I've been trying to come up with a player review entry for Casey Kotchman and Dallas McPherson. Still nothing. Hopefully next week, so don't go anywhere ...

*Seriously, it's a bit creepy.

             Grebeck      Eckstein

Inches 67 66
Pounds 148 170
AVG .261 .278
OBP .340 .347
SLG .356 .353
OPS+ 87 87
BB/SO .832 .838
AB/SH 40.6 40.9

I don't know if you're talking about me or not, but you don't have to be a lawyer to know that...

"In summary, the court feels that the city of Anaheim has failed to show a reasonable probability of prevailing on the merits (of its arguments at an upcoming trial)," Superior Court judge Peter Polos said.

doesn't sound good for Anaheim. But the real problems for the city are going to be:

1) by the plain language of the contract, Arte wins easily, so Anaheim really needs to hope they get a "spirit of the law" judge, and even then they're on thin ice;
2) The Inland Empire 66ers had a very similar clause in their contract with San Bernardino (who renovated Fiscalini Field, I think), and changed their name without a problem (SB didn't challenge); and
3) from what I've read, Anaheim tried to get Disney to agree that the team would specifically be called the "Anaheim Angels" with no exceptions, and that clause was shot down in favor of the slightly more ambiguous clause found in the contract. That's death for Anaheim.

Alright, Arte. Re-design the road uni now, please. I'd much rather walk around with "Los Angeles" on my chest than "Anaheim" (but wouldn't be caught dead in a Dodgers jersey).
Yeah, it was a prognosis I was looking for, as opposed to a summary of what happened -- I phrased it really badly. Thanks, that's perfect, and it's exactly as I suspected.
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