Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Richard points out a new entry in the land of Los Angeles Angel commentary of Anaheim, the Halo Herald. This is brought to you by a guy named Rich, so that gives us a Rich, a Richard, and a Rob -- the three R's! I'm feeling a little outnumbered ...

So, for Christmas I got this Day-by-Day Angel calendar, and it has all kinds of MLB and Angel trivia. Aside from the sudden goofiness of having every day say "Anaheim Angels" on it, there's some good trivia here. This one, today's, actually threw me; I only got three out of the four:

The Angels have had four managers who managed other teams to a pennant (either before or after their Angels career). Can you name them?

I'm always a little annoyed when a trivia question ends with "Can you name them?" because that makes "No" a legitimate correct answer. Moving beyond the pedantry, take your guess, and I'll put the answer in the comments section ...

The answers are:

1. Dick Williams, who managed the Angels from 1974-1976, and won the AL pennant with the Red Sox in 1967 (his first season as a manager), the A's in 1972 and 1973 (winning the World Series both times), and San Diego in 1984. Williams had a .520 career winning percentage in 3023 career games, but managed to go only 147-194 in just over two seasons in Los Angeles of Anaheim of California.

2. Jim Fregosi, who managed the Angels from 1978-1981, guiding the team to their first division title in 1979. He later won the pennant managing Philadelphia in 1993.

3. John McNamara, who managed the Angels in 1983 and 1984, and also finished off the miserable 1986 campaign. Notoriously, McNamara won the pennant with the Red Sox of 1986.

And this is the one that threw me:

4. Whitey Herzog, who won the pennant thrice with St. Louis (1982, 1985, and 1987). Though I of course remember Herzog's ignominous run as Angel GM in the early 90s (Von Hayes and Gary Gaetti can replace Wally Joyner and Dave Winfield!), I had completely forgotten that he managed four games for the 1974 Angels. The Lads went 2-2 in those games -- giving Herzog the highest winning percentage with the Angels of any of these managers.
Buck Rodgers, John McNamara and Jim Fregosi were three of the four. I would have to cheat to get the last one.
Cool. Did that without looking. (Because I'm an idiot, and I didn't realize the answers were in the comment section!)
It looks like my posting the answers just beat your guesses to the punch, so the answers probably weren't posted when you made your post.

Which isn't to say that you aren't really an idiot ... ;)
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