Tuesday, January 04, 2005

So I woke up this morning and had come to terms with the name change. Sure, it's silly, and I'll continue to make fun, but it obviously doesn't affect my life in any real way.

And then I go read Rob, and he links to this.

It's an Angel employee's resignation letter tendered upon the announcement of the name change. Or, rather, it purports to be ... but whether or not it is legit is no big deal, because it still portrays a sense of bitterness. Some highlights:

Angry fans and employees who feel betrayed by their boss don't make for a good mix. The reason the stadium has been run so well since its inception is because the employees actually had a sense of pride for not only its team, but for their city.

Well Mr. Moreno, you’ve managed to take that away from us. It wasn’t a job for many of us, but a true labor of love. We worked hard and did our tasks happily because of our love, and because that’s the Anaheim Way. That’s gone now; the last remnants of a once wonderful family have been torn asunder by this cold and callous business decision.

Okay, so this guy is overreacting, I think. But, then again, I don't live in Anaheim. Or even Orange County. I have never lived in Anaheim or Orange County. If this reaction reflects in any way the reaction of residents of that community, Arte could have something of a backlash on his hands. What use is creating a brand if it alienates your community and comes across as a joke to your neighbors?

Well, Arte's counterargument is articulated in this OC Register interview from a couple weeks ago. A revealing quote from Arte:

We get half of what the Dodgers get in broadcast revenue. Why? Seattle's radio deal is three times ours. Why does Milwaukee have a better radio deal than we do? Why? Why are we 28th or 29th in the country in broadcast revenue?
Well, I'm sure he has some marketing research to tell him that the answer to all these "Why"'s is that the team is called "Anaheim" instead of "Los Angeles." I'm not sure I buy it, but I'm no billionaire, either. (The interview is worth reading in full, by the way.)

So I'll say this for Arte: he has a plan and he's going for it. He's committed to winning and to making the franchise viable and competitive in the long-term. Obviously, I'm rooting for it to work, and if that means supporting the name change, I'll put aside my reservations and go with it.

Go Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim!

The reason the Angels don't get big bucks for the rights to their broadcasts is the same reason the Clippers don't -- the team has stunk for most of its existence. If the Angels continue to win, they'll someday be able to negotiate better deals.
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