Thursday, March 24, 2005

So Clutch DaVanon's gonna bat second, and everyone rejoices. As well they should.

But why the hell is Darin Erstad batting leadoff instead of The Legs?

Darin Erstad has a career OBP of .344, but turns 31 in June and has posted marks of .309 and .346 the last two years.

Figgins' career OBP is .346, he's coming into his age 27 seeason and his OBPs the last two years have been .345 and .350.

So of course The Punter gets to bat leadoff and Figgins gets to be "the second leadoff guy" while batting ninth.

My only possible good spin on this is that if Erstad leads off, he may recognize his role as being that of a table-setter instead of a guy who grounds out to second on purpose. Because, let's acknowledge facts, the best leadoff candidate on the active roster right now is DaVanon. His career .348 OBP is in the same range as the other two guys, but over the last two years he's been exceptional, posting marks of .360 and .372. He's an excellent baserunner and stealer to boot ... of course, that is also true of Erstad.

However, if by some chance leading off gets Erstad to alter his approach for the better, maybe it does make sense to bat him there.

I went to the ST game last Thursday against the Royals. Ersty was 0-0 with two walks and a SB. He left the game after his knee brace broke taking 3rd on a bad throw to get him at 2nd. I went to spring training thinking he needed to be moved to make room for Kotchman, but was encouraged by what I saw.
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