Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I don't link to Bill Plaschke since his character assassination of Troy Glaus last season, but I'll issue an FYI that he has a column today about how the Angels miss Glaus. It's pretty typical for Plaschke to reverse his position without tacit acknowledgement; he does obliquely reference his old position this time, however:
Some of his teammates, once upset that he didn't play through the injury, came to appreciate his toughness. Even Glaus, once the clubhouse diva, seemed to mellow.
Um, okay, Bill.

Anyway, it's all a bunch of overreaction. Yes, obviously third base has been a sinkhole all year. But giving McPherson a shot is the right play.

I still think it would have made more sense to keep Glaus around -- having a healthy Glaus and McPherson would solve both the 3B and the DH problem (but good luck in assuring health for this team) -- than give Garret that big extension a year ago. But 'twas not to be.

Anyway, we now have a two-gamer against the Cleveland Spiders, one game behind us at 6-8. Tonight Bartolo Colon will try to rack up an amazing two consecutive good starts up against Jake Westbrook, a finesse right-hander who lives and dies by the groundball. Westbrook is off to a bad start, 0-3 with a 4.50 ERA, and he's also allowed three unearned runs on top of that. He's not as good as his 3.38 ERA of last season would lead you to believe.

Cleveland was a good offensive team last year, but have struggled thus far, scoring 4.07 runs per game over their first 14, a full run per game lower than The Lads have managed. Just about all their hitters are off to slow starts, and you know they'll bounce back at some point, but we need the staff to step up and keep them in their funk.

Plaschke is awful, no matter what he's writing about. His column about Pat Tillman, saying Tillman should get in to the Hall of Fame, was one of the biggest, steaming piles of poo ever in the Times sports pages.

My friend that I go to games with and I have been having a bit of a back and forth about the 3B slot. He sent me the Plaschke column, but as I've been telling him "The season's barely a month old. If Glaus gets through the whole season without blowing out his shoulder, I concede the point to you".
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