Monday, April 18, 2005

So, the Oakland series was a bunch of up and downs, and several of my remotes were strewn about the room by the end of play on Sunday.

Friday night was a great win; Colon matched Barry Zito all the way, and actually seemed worth the money. The Angels were clueless against Zito all night, and the two late runs they scratched out were pure luck -- balls that evaded defenders by inches. But you need that sort of break, and the Halos took advantage. Knocking up the bullpen after Zito left the game was also nice. It's exactly the kind of game you want to have against an opponent's ace: scratch it out against him, hold down the other team, and go crazy when he leaves the game, thus making your closer redundant.

Ace Washburn turned in his best start in a couple of years on Saturday, which of course got washed away by Rich Harden doing his best Tim Hudson and Scot Shields doing his best Bad News Bears. It's a frustrating way to lose a game, but the fact was it was a terrific game right up until the end. Wash was really on his game, changing speeds and hitting spots. He intuitively seems like a guy that would do well in the Coliseum, as the vast expanses give his flyballs plenty of room to roam harmlessly; sure enough, he has a 3.48 ERA in just over 80 innings at the Coliseam, though the 13 home runs he's allowed belie my reasoning. However, Oakland has usually had a pretty decent offense, at worst, over Jarrod's career.

As for Sunday, I know I'm a relatively big supporter of John Lackey, but I'm thisclose to giving up on him. What's holding me back is the fact that he's always pretty lousy in April. I really hope it's early season kinks, as his command and concentration seem to be all over the place. And Juan Rivera's baserunning gaffe in the top of the ninth --

-- okay, I had a bunch more stuff here, but then Blogger went and wrecked everything so it's all gone.

Basically, here's what I had:

1. Bengie Molina's our hottest hitter right now, so it sucks that he's gone.
2. But Dallas McPherson and The Legs and Finley and Cabrera and DaVanon getting going should make up for the gap between what Bengie has done and what Jose's likely to do.
3. We need to rock Aaron Sele's world tonight, and not just give him outs; the team needs to make him throw strikes and punish him when he does.

Okay, that was about it ...

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