Thursday, April 21, 2005

In the LA Times:
Scioscia said second baseman Adam Kennedy has made so much progress in his recovery from right knee surgery that he probably will begin a rehabilitation assignment with Salt Lake this weekend and return to the Angels during their next homestand against Detroit and Cleveland on May 6-11. Kennedy has been playing games in the Angels' extended spring training camp at Mesa, Ariz.
The Legs hasn't looked all that good to me at second so far this year; I checked the numbers (small sample alert) and his .825 zone rating is not so great (Kennedy is usually around .850). There have been a few plays this season that Figgins has missed the I believe Kennedy would have had.

I still think they should platoon at second, and it will be a good idea to slowly work Kennedy back in, anyway, given the severity of his injury. Oddly, Chone has hit much better against right-handers so far this season:
In 2005
vs RHP 32 313 343 531
vs LHP 24 167 231 333

For his career
vs RHP 564 293 336 402
vs LHP 265 298 368 400
If Figgins keeps this up, that would negate any platoon advantage, as Kennedy is obviously better against righties than lefties. But if The Legs can get on track with the bat, Scioscia's going to want some way to work him into the lineup. Could DH be a possibility? It will be interesting to see how Scioscia juggles Kennedy, Figgins, McPherson, Quinlan, DaVanon, and Rivera -- provided any of these guys starts hitting, of course ...

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