Monday, May 09, 2005

If you are observant, you will have suspected that the Angel offense has left quite a bit to be desired in the early going. JA Adande verifies such suspicions with an expose today in the LA Times.

Like most Adande columns, this treatise on the offensive Angel offense is one big non sequitur, as it turns into a discussion of the "Los Angeles" appendage to the Angel cognomen. But then he somehow ends up the thing by saying the Lads should dispatch Jarrod Washburn somewhere for a hitter.

Yes, the offense has been bleak of late, but why the panic? It's not like the team is doing this badly with everyone hitting up to expectations:
            This Year          Career
BMolina 323 389 581 269 305 390 Decline
JMolina 160 250 220 235 278 323 Improve
Erstad 256 298 376 288 343 422 Improve
Kennedy 167 167 167 277 328 404 Improve
Figgins 286 336 420 293 345 404 Maintain
McPherson 200 254 345 211 265 400 Improve
Quinlan 156 182 344 304 355 455 Improve
Cabrera 239 306 398 268 315 409 Improve
Anderson 295 320 426 299 329 476 Improve
Finley 187 261 421 275 336 450 Improve
Vlad 322 380 585 325 390 589 Maintain
DaVanon 214 282 257 259 342 413 Improve
Rivera 227 277 273 285 336 439 Improve
The real problem the offense is having is that only two guys are meeting expectations. Everyone else is in a slump right now, or hurt.

We're [b]one month into the season[/b]. It's not time to panic over the offense as yet. These guys just aren't bound to hit like this for the rest of the season.

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Wow, you mean just like SportsBLOGS, and MVN, and All-Baseball, and ... fooey. Dude, we didn't fall off the haywagon yesterday.
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