Friday, July 08, 2005

I'm not at all upset about last night's catastrophe. It's just one of those bear-eats-you type of things. Bartolo ain't perfect, and Pineiro was on. These things happen. Sean does a good job of giving some historical perspective on blowouts, if you don't believe me.

But if The Big Mango puts up another two or three consecutive starts in this vein, there will be hell to pay.

As such, the highlights of the game (aside from the dramatic home run from The Indispensable Josh Paul) were the interviews of Brandon Wood and Jered Weaver.

So Rex Hudler is interviewing Wood, who (I believe) is leading all of professional baseball in home runs at the moment, and has already nearly doubled his career home run output this season. So what does he ask him?

"What kind of food do you like to eat?"

Now, I get that Hud was trying to tell people about the apparently substandard dietary habits of minor league ballplayers, but the way he did it, I thought the next questions were going to be "What's your favorite color?" and "Who do you think would win a fight between Batman and Superman?"

Anyway, Wood was well-spoken and seemed like a good kid.

Jered, however, came across as ... well, a Weaver. He was far less articulate and personable than Wood seemed to be. Of course, being interviewed on TV is likely a bit unnerving, whether or not you are a quiet type or outgoing.

I felt a bit gypped that Howie Kendrick, the other Rancho star, wasn't interviewed, but I guess he didn't come to the stadium to give out autographs, either.

Anyway, we need to get back on our game tonight, as anything less than a split with the M's would be a total embarrassment.

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