Friday, August 12, 2005

Look, there's just no analysis to be given on Thursday's game.

I hate day games. I was too busy at work to even remember there was a game, and didn't get to Gameday until it was the eighth inning, where I got to see that we had totally blown a four-run lead. Then, I had to step away from the computer for awhile ... and came back to learn that we had somehow lost the game on an error, or defensive indifference, or something. I finally figured out what had happened, and caught the video.

It renders me speechless.

I do know this: the damn pitch was a strike. Has there ever been a pitcher that throws more pitches that are basically down the middle and get called balls? I think that's three for Frankie over the last two years ... this one wasn't really right down the middle, but it was close, and I'm not exaggerating to say that he's thrown that slider right down the middle before and not gotten the strike call.

Not that that has anything to do with anything; it's just the only pitch I've seen from the whole game. Like hell I'm going to go back and watch that.

One thing I'll say for this team -- they are great at finding ways to lose that no one has seen before. I never could have imagined that it was possible to lose a game in this manner; this is going to be something we remember for the rest of our lives.

Depending on how this season ends, we'll look back on this with either amusement or tears. Right now ... I got nothin' ...

In 1986 I was enthusiastic and positive that the Angels were going to shut down Boston and that when Donnie Moore came in, he'd finish off Henderson and we'd be off to the Series.

In 1995 I was enthusiastic and positive that Langston and the boys were going to finish off the Mariners in the one game playoff.

In 2002 I was sure the Angels were going to find a way to lose. My expectations were low. Hey, they made it to the Wild Card. Awesome. Good enough. I was content.

Then they won.

And so yesterday I was enthusiastic and positive that Franky was going to shut them down and that the Angels would come back to win.

Good to see my Angels are back. That whole winning without collapsing thing was starting to freak me out anyways.
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