Monday, November 14, 2005

- As linked to at Rotoworld, the Boston Globe reports that Manny Ramirez's agent says Manny would be willing to DH is acquired by the Angels.

- Paul Konerko, however, prefers to play first base, though he would "consider" being a DH "in some cases."

- It is not entirely clear how we would deal with having Manny/Konerko, Garret, Kotchman, and Morales around in 2007, however, and no one seems to be speaking to that point.

- As I speculated the other day, the Angels have indeed expressed interest in Scott Eyre. Eyre is reportedly in receipt of a two-year offer (and an optional third year) from the Giants that would pay him a total of around $8M. I don't think he's worth paying more than $4M per year, so if that offer is really on the table, I don't think the Angels would be well-suited to try to top it.

- Bill Stoneman has essentially declared that Bengie Molina is no longer an Angel (same link as the Konoerko article), saying, "We have Jeff Mathis, who is ready, and Jose Molina. Realistically, where would we be better off placing our resources if we're trying to better the club? [emphasis mine]" Though this is, of course, no surprise, it's interesting to hear Stoneman come out and say that Mathis is ready.

Pretty good news, mostly. Signing Konerko and Bengie would be bad, trading for Manny as DH *could* be good, even very good, especially if we don't give away any of the untouchable prospects, while hopefully offloading a bad contract or two (Finley, Erstad).

So far Stoneman's showing himself to be nicely oblivious to Scioscia's loyalty, which was a key question in the offseason....
How I see it, Morales could go to the Sox in the Manny deal. In 2007, Manny will DH, Kotch will be at first. Hopefully, GA and Vlad will be healthy enough to play the outfield. And I think letting Bengie go could be the worst mistake the Angels make if we don't sign Manny or Konerko, who I don't want.
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