Friday, December 09, 2005

Per Rotoworld, we've picked up JC Romero from the Twins for Alexi Casilla.

Casilla, who turns 22 in late July, would have started at short in Rancho Cucamonga in 2006. Obviously, he's buried below a treasure trove of Angel middle infield prospects.

As I mention below, I would expect Romero to be good for an ERA+ in the 120-range, which will be good enough to get him some playing time, and thus keep our other relievers alive throughout the season.

I think this is a fair move for both teams; neither team is getting anyone spectacular (though Casilla could develop well, he's likely three or four years away from being ready for the majors), the Angels address a need, and the Twins acquire an intriguing young prospect.

UPDATE: Confirmed at the Angel website ... also, I'm not sure which of Sean Rodriguez or Casilla would have been starting at Rancho this year, not that it matters anymore ...

UPDATE II: Am I the only person in the Halosphere who knew who Casilla was? Maybe I'm just a big Angels nerd.

AND ALSO: Anyone know how to delete comments? I just got hit with a spam comment for like the second time ever. How do I get rid of it?

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
If you hit "post a comment" and are listed as the blog owener, you should see a little trash can icon under each comment. Just hit it.

And yes, you were the only one who knew who Casilla was, and yes, you are a huge nerd.
I was aware of Alexi Casilla. He was judged by BA to be one of the top twenty prospects during the Arizona Instructional League in 2004 and had a terrific year at Cedar Rapids last year. Yet another of the Angels many shortstop prospects. And, yes, he would have started at shortstop ahead of Sean Rodriguez, just as he did at Cedar Rapids before he got hurt.
I knew who he was. I just didn't know that much about him.
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