Tuesday, December 13, 2005

You didn't think we'd make it two straight days without a new rumor, did you? This one comes via an Oakland Tribune article linked to at Rotoworld:
Yet the [Giants have] more needs to fill, including a left-handed hitter who would play a significant outfield role when Barry Bonds and Moises Alou are on the bench.

For that, the Giants have looked at an old flame — Angels outfielder Steve Finley. A major league source said the Giants discussed a salary swap at the July 31 trade deadline and again during the winter meetings that would have sent Edgardo Alfonzo to Anaheim for Finley. The Angels had lukewarm interest but asked Sabean to keep the offer on the table. It could be revisited in spring training.
Alfonzo, who was good once upon a time, has been a pretty big bust with the Giants. Over the three years of his contract, he's posted an OPS+ of 88. That would be fine if he were a Gold Glove second baseman making two or three million per year; as an aging third baseman who makes in excess of seven million per, that ain't too hot.

An Alfonzo for Finley swap last July would likely have put Alfonzo at third and Legs Figgins in center. No guarantees that anything good would have come out of that. There's nothing Alfonzo can really do at this point that's better than what other Angel backups can do.

Can Alfonzo out-hit Robb Quinlan? Q's OPS+ the last three years (his entire career) has been 109, clearly better than The Fonz's mark.

Defense? Well, he's likely a better defensive third baseman than either Ztu or Q. But that difference isn't likely enough to justify acquiring him.

As intriguing as dumping Finley sounds, getting The Fonz in exchange doesn't sound like the best use of resources.


Alfonzo is a Righty

Alfonzo is only 32

Finley's buyout of $4 million for '07 makes his total salary commitment $3 million more than Alfonzo's.

Alfonzo's most similar player is Carney Lansford
Yeah, but Lansford's not all that similar, once you take the eras into account. And Fonzie being a righty doesn't do much for me.
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