Monday, December 12, 2005

No one has commented on this, and this apparently because it's not online, but the LA Times had a short little piece by Mike DiGiovanna yesterday (Sunday) about the possibility of the Angels being in the market for Miguel Tejada.

An unnamed Orioles official was quoted as remarking that The OC would be a sufficient defensive replacement for Tejada, and DiGiovanna went on to mull over who the O's might want in addition -- Darin Erstad and Casey Kotchman being the prime suspects.

Well, I was going to dive all into this today, but Rob links to this indication that Tejada no longer wants to be traded, or never wanted to be traded, or whatever. So I won't waste my time and yours trying to figure out if Cabrera and Kotchman are worth Mr. Swings at Everything.


Maya links to an interview with Joe Maddon at the Freakonomics blog. It's basically Maddon extolling the virtues of Malcolm Gladwell's Blink, and mentioning that Josh Paul recommended it to him -- and that he would read anything Josh Paul recommends.

This, of course, has nothing to do with the Angels anymore, but it certainly backs up the idea that Josh Paul is destined for a career in management when his "playing" days are over.


On the topic of Joe Maddon, I had thought that the Rays picking Steve Andrade in the Rule Five draft was an indication of Maddon and his pitching coach, former Angel minor league instructor Mike Butcher, believing in him and grabbing him for their own organization. Apparently not, though: the Rays have turned around and traded Andrade to the Padres. Well, I still wish him luck -- all along I've been campaigning for him to get a real shot at AAA, and here he is trying to make a major league roster.

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