Monday, January 23, 2006

Not much going on in Haloland, but Rob links to this item on the Tigers that has a somewhat bizarre development: "Because his days as a closer are over, Troy Percival has suggested to the Tigers that he'd consider starting -- the difference being he'd have substantial rest between appearances."

Troy Percival? Starting? Are you kidding me? The only time Troy has been a starting pitcher in his life were on rehab trips to Lake Elsinore, where he'd pitch the first inning and go. The guy has 1.5 pitches (I'm not sure his curve is consistent enough at this point in his career to really count), there's no way he can face a lineup more than once without polishing his curve and developing a change or split-finger.

In other former Halo news, Bengie Molina has one less suitor now that Chavez Ravine appears to have withdrawn from the courting process. Bengie now intimates that he's willing to sit out this season if he doesn't get an offer he appreciates (which the Daily News reports is believed to be in the range of $6M per). I think there's a decent chance he could be worth that much for a year, maybe even two; the problem with Bengie isn't the money, it's the years.

If Bengie doesn't sign with anyone, the Angels will have a window of negotiation re-open on May 1. In the unlikely event that no one picks up a catcher who has a good reputation for working with pitchers and has posted an OPS+ of 100 the last three years (pretty good for a catcher), and in the possible event that Jeff Mathis struggles for the first month of the season, how tempted might the Angels be to sign the elder Molina to a one-year deal? That would seem to be a better option for Bengie than just sitting out 2006.

I'd have to imagine someone will give him a shot, though. But, youneverknow ...

I'd love to see Bengie back on a 1-year.

If he sits out a year, his career could be over. If they don't want him after last season, the best hitting of his career, why would anyone want him a year later?

Plus I don't want to think about the kind of shape Bengie would be in after sitting out a year.
The more I think about Percy's comments, the more I think they were made with an eye to Smoltz. Too bad Smoltz was a quality starter before he became a closer; Percy, as you pointed out, never was the former.
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