Friday, February 03, 2006

Wow, what's this? Actual Angels news? Madness!

  • Baseball America has posted their top 10 Angel prospects. Full commentary is behind the subscriber wall, though Rob gives a few excerpts. Here is the list:

    1. Brandon Wood
    2. Howie Kendrick
    3. Erick Aybar
    4. Jeff Mathis
    5. Jered Weaver
    6. Nick Adenhart
    7. Kendry Morales
    8. Alberto Callaspo
    9. Joe Saunders
    10. Tommy Mendoza

    I would say that Mathis is ranked too high here; I'm also a bit surprised by spots nine and ten. Tommy Mendoza is especially odd, as he's only thrown 62 minor league innings. They were very good innings, and BA says he has the best fastball in the system, but whither Gustavo Espinoza, who had a very good 77 innings last year on the heels of 92 superb innings in the Dominican Summer League? How about Bob Zimmerman, who pitched very well after a rough start, or Mike Napoli, or Sean Rodriguez?

    Still, as Rob mentions in his post, "You just gotta love this organization's future. Except for maybe the pitching..." Well, I like the pitching more than the outfield right now, but I agree on the overall prognosis.

  • The LA Times reports that the Angels are back to looking at Jeff Weaver to take over the fifth spot in the rotation. Thankfully, apparently all the Angels are willing to offer is a one-year deal with an option for 2007. I think that's all he deserves, if signed fairly cheaply. He can give you 220 league-average innings, which has considerable value, but you don't want him blocking his brother in a year. Even if he were signed at around $7M or $8M for the year, which I think is too much (but lower than his reported asking price), I would be cautiously optimistic that it would work out, and I'm far from the world's biggest Jeff Weaver fan.

  • Comments:
    I'm in Cedar Rapids, and I've seen Sean Rodriguez. There certainly is a lot to like about him.
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