Tuesday, February 07, 2006

- As a complement to Halofan's Top 100 Angels, Matt Welch has begun a series on the top ten individual seasons by position. He starts with catcher, and a major Angel hero better known for his play at other positions takes two of the three spots.

- Speaking of Halofan, a few days ago he caught wind of the Angels signing Jeff Weaver. No official word yet, but if he's signed to a one- or even two-year deal in the $7M-$8M range, that's a pretty good deal for the Angels. My guess is that his performance the past couple of years has been "worth" roughly $6M per season; I'd be fine with paying Weaver more as (1) most starting pitchers are overpaid , (2) the Lads are facing a potential big dropoff from Paul Byrd to Hector Carrasco, and (3) as legitimate contenders based in a major media market, marginal wins have more value to the Angels than they would to, say, the Royals or Colorado Rockies.

- If the Jeff Mathis Experience goes horribly awry, we won't have Bengie Molina to bail us out on May 1. He has signed a one-year deal with the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Los Angeles Times has an article on Tim Salmon today, and how, even if he comes back healthy, he might have difficulty finding a spot on the Angels. I, as I'm sure you do, have mixed feelings about this; I'd love to see Salmon go out out on a high note, but it seems wrong to let that happen for another team. I don't really know who would go for him if he proves he can play -- I would have guessed maybe Toronto, though they have Shea Hillenbrand as a righty DH (but no real backup right fielder), and if they get one more of our former players they might have to become the Los Angeles Blue Jays of Toronto. This is going to be a pretty interesting story to follow this spring ...

- ... and spring starts soon! Pitchers and catchers report in eight days! Spring Training is nigh!

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