Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Thanks to Jim Scully in my comments section for bringing to my attention that we have traded Alberto Callaspo for Jason Bulger.

I am certain that you, like me, have no idea from that of what team Callaspo now plays for. The answer is the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Here's what Baseball America's Jim Callis says of Bulger in the above-linked article:
Bulger, 27, was a 2001 first-round pick out of Valdosta State (Ga.), where he was primarily an infielder for the first three years of his college career. ...
Jason struggled as a starter in his first two pro seasons and had Tommy John surgery in 2003, but has moved quickly as a reliever since returning. He made his major league debut in late 2005, going 1-0, 5.40 in nine games. He spent most of the year at Triple-A Tucson, going 3-6, 3.54 with four saves in 56 outings. He had a 55-27 K-BB ratio in 56 innings, while opponents hit .244 with three homers against him. Buldger throws hard, sitting at 93-96 mph and reaching 98 with his sinker. His curveball shows signs of being a good second pitch, but he needs to refine his command and resist the temptation to throw harder when he gets in jams. He has a career 10-21, 4.28 record with 23 saves in 127 minor league games. [emphasis mine]
My initial reaction was: Really? That's it? Is that as low as Callaspo's stock is?

But reading about Bulger there, he seems like the kind of guy the Angels like to turn into middle relief deities. So I don't know. It never occurred to me that we had to be in a rush to dump Callaspo, what with his utility infielder possibilities, but maybe the Angel minor league scouts have come upon something here. Time will tell.

In the last few days, it was reported that Callaspo would play third base at SLC. In trading him, the Angels might be making room for Quinlan to play third at SLC, indicating that Salmon might make the club after all.
Re throwing hard, so did Kevin Gregg. The thing I find bothersome is his 12.60 H/9 in Arizona is so damn high. His minor league numbers, in the eights, were comparable to Gregg's before he came up, too.
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