Wednesday, February 22, 2006

- The LA Times has a nice little puff piece on Jeff Mathis today. Hard worker, good kid, big shoes, and so forth.

- Also in the Times, Orlando Cabrera spills on how badly Manny Ramirez wants to be a Halo. Apparently Boston owner John Henry even called up Arte to try to get things going. Why they would do this instead of actually making a real offer to the Angels is a bit of a mystery, and the only conclusion that makes sense to me is that Boston has zero interest in trading Manny, but are now able to tell him that they tried. I don't know what sort of insight Manny has into the Angel farm system, but I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't realize that he's not worth a couple of major leaguers in addition to Howie Kendrick and Brandon Wood.

- Darin Erstad, however, is acutely aware. Amidst speculation that Wood's locker was placed between Ersty's and Vlad's to give the youngin' a lesson in being a professional, The Punter counters, "Everyone's got it backwards — they want him to rub off on me. They want me to hit some home runs."

- Speaking of Kendrick and Wood, Baseball Prospectus has released their Top 50 Prospects list, and we've got Angels galore therein. Kendrick at 5, Wood at number 6, Kendry at 26, Weaver the Younger at 35, and Erick Aybar at 50.

- OC Register writer Mark Saxon is keeping a Spring Training blog. His most recent entry observes that Kendry Morales appears to have no defensive talent whatsoever, and that his future is as a designated hitter. Some have thought he might bash his way into the mix this season, but some comments from Mike Scioscia a few days ago indicate that Kendry still has some learning to do, and will likely start the season at AAA. Of course, with some seasoning from him and some injuries to some others, he might have an opportunity to make an impact in Angel Stadium later this season.

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