Thursday, March 30, 2006

Possibly disastrous news on the LA Times Sports Section front page today: talks between Arte and Fox Sports have ceased, with the Angels walking away from the table, and the plan to have 150 Angel games broadcast locally is in dire peril. As currently constituted, FSN will be broadcasting 50 Angel games, and eight are on queue for national broadcast, meaning that instead of having 158 Angel games broadcast into our homes for viewing ease, we may have to make due with a paltry 58 -- only twelve of which would be before Memorial Day.

As a bright spot, one source "close to the negotiations" is quoted as saying "This deal is not dead. I'd be surprised if it doesn't happen."

Hopefully this is just some negotiation ploy on Arte's part, and hopefully it works. The prospect of only broadcasting one game in three is distasteful; it would be the smallest such broadcast deal in the majors, and obviously we deserve better than that. I'd have to think Arte is wise enough to sort this out before the season starts.

If not, we're all going to get a little sick of Rory and Terry.

Some of us are getting a little tired of Rory and Terry already - especially Terry. Increasingly, as time goes by, I look back fondly to the days of Mario and Daron.

I wouldn't be too concerned. In 2004, the Angels managed to televise nearly all of their games using a variety of different networks, Channel 56 and the Pac Network among them. One way or another, nearly all of the games will be televised. And kudos to Arte for playing hardball with Foxsports; the more income for the Angels, the better.
I'll take Rory and Terry any day over Steve and the Wonder Dog. If it wasn't for the television delay I'd mute my set and turn the radio on. Those two sound so moronic its embarassing.
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