Thursday, March 23, 2006

Rob links to this Kevin Goldstein article at BPro that talks about the difference in offense between various leagues. For instance, the Midwest League, which hosts our A Cedar Rapids squad, had an average AVG/OBP/SLG of 261/336/389 last season, whereas the California League (where our High-A Rancho Cucamonga team makes its home) hit 286/357/452.

I'm not a subscriber, so I don't know exactly where Goldstein goes with this, but it's a point worth making, and it's good just to see overall minor league lines like that. We all know intuitively that the Cal League is great for hitters, but seeing that line really emphasizes how much it helps.

The Midwest League line also helps us put into perspective the performances of our players at that level. Sean Rodriguez's 250/371/422 line might not knock your socks off, but that OBP is 10% above average and his SLG is 8% better. A 250/371/422 in the Midwest League is, relative to league, the same as a 274/394/490 in the California League.

Of course, that's not adjusting for the fact that High-A is likely a bit more difficult than standard A, or for ballparks. The former is a thorny issue, but the latter we can address by using Dan Szymborski's park factors he posted at BTF. I've used those park factors to create OPS+ estimates for our minor leaguers at those two levels over the last two years (not including those who played at Rancho in '04 but did not play at any of the other levels presented); I'm making the assumption that the 2004 iterations of these leagues had the same league averages of the 2005 iterations, which is a horrible assumption, but it's unlikely to be way off.

Alphabetically by last name:
Player                          OPS+ at Level:
2004 A 2004 A+ 2005 A 2005 A+
Matt Abram 53 5
Blake Balkcom 86 68
Billy Boyer 58 55
Matt Brown 102 91
Jose Caldera -55
Alexi Casilla 135 118
Michael Collins 65 143
Quan Cosby 78
Devin Day 87
Greg Dini 42
Tommy Duenas 74 70
Timothy Duff 16 66
Cody Fuller 111
Richard Giannotti 66
Jose Guzman 34
Michael Hughes -4
Ben Johnson 108 103
Howie Kendrick 161 162
Nick Kimpton 90 16
Ryan Leahy 84 74
Josh LeBlanc 96
Baltasar Lopez 136 62
Warner Madrigal 95 89
Brett Martinez -1 -3
Caleb Maher 65
Ransel Melgarejo 99 29
Kendry Morales 135
Felix Nunez 100
Matt Pali 100 78
Aaron Peel 80 147 129
Jason Ramos 29
Clifton Remole 102 90
Jordan Renz 54
Ivan Reyes 48
Sean Rodriguez 96 115
Anderson Rosario -123
Freddy Sandoval 109
Emmanuel Santana -4
Brooks Shankle 93
Hainley Statia 47
Jason Sugden 65 62
Nate Sutton 79
Drew Toussaint 127
Chris Walston 31
BJ Weed 65 26
Bobby Wilson 91 96
Brandon Wood 96 158

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