Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Turns out there is a blog about the Angels in Chinese. Well, I believe it's Chinese, based on the fact that the author links to baseball-oriented blogs that are in Chinese.

Anyway, this author, Walaykao, links to this Ken Rosenthal column that says:
The Jays are targeting Angels second baseman Adam Kennedy, and almost certainly would part with first baseman/DH Shea Hillenbrand in an exchange of potential free agents. The Angels need to add offense and could use a proven hitter like Hillenbrand at first, as opposed to another minor-league callup like Kendry Morales.
As I type this, Kendry is 2-for-2 with a two-run homer, so hopefully this horrid rumor can be buried in someone's backyard.

As Walaykao says, and I can find no basis to disagree, "第三,Kennedy 是個生涯 EqA .261 的二壘手,今年的年薪是 3.35M;Hillenbrand 是個生涯 EqA .266 的一壘手,今年要領 5.8M。兩個人的合約都是今年到期。"

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It's cool to see my blog shown here!

You are right. My blog is written in traditional Chinese. I think you correctly parsed the last sentence you quoted, which means:
"Kennedy is a gold-glove-caliber second baseman with career EqA .261, and he earns 3.35M this year. Hillenbrand is a first baseman with career EqA .266, and he earns 5.8M this year. Both of them will be free agent at the end of this year."
我不知道有那么多中文棒球的BLOGS.很有意思!在HAOLOSPHERE欢迎你! :)
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