Wednesday, May 03, 2006

So Jeff Mathis has been sent down and Mike Napoli called up.

I'm on record as saying Jeff Mathis wasn't ready to be in the majors, and after a month the Angel brains apparently agree with me.

But it also strikes me that as ready as Mathis is, Mike Napoli is less so. Last year Jeff Mathis hit 270/340/499 at AAA at the age of 22. Mike Napoli hit 237/372/508 at AA at the age of 23, struck out a gazillion times, and went through a brutal slump for the entire summer. Napoli so far at AAA this season -- playing a level Mathis played at two years ago, age-wise -- is hitting an uninspiring 244/344/436, with 29 strikeouts in 78 at-bats.

I am not saying Mike Napoli has no future.

I am saying that bringing him up at this point smacks of desperation. But I hope I'm wrong.

In the last episode...

So I'm all for a Weaver call-up. What's the worst that happens, he gets knocked around for a few innings and we lose? The way we're playing now, it doesn't matter what our pitchers do, we'll find a way to lose regardless. So might as well give the kid a chance and check him out first-hand.

Substitute "Napoli" for "Weaver" and you have a similar set of circumstances. I think the Angels are prematurely resigning themselves to a bunch of bad offensive performances this year. With no trade possibilities of consequence coming up, the chances that it doesn't get much better than this for an extended time are pretty great.
I think it has less to do with Napoli and more to do with Mathis. The team wants Mathis to get out of his slump and the only way to do that is to let him play everyday. Meanwhile, Napoli is the only other decent catcher in the system that is even close to the majors. Napoli has been called up simply because they need a backup catcher.
I thought Mathis was the catcher of the future and this year was supposed to "season" him to take over the starting catcher role for the next five years or so.

I could see sending him down in order to give more playing time to someone who would immediately improve the team's offense. But Jose and Napoli? I must be missing something.
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