Monday, June 19, 2006

Of course, some have been hearing her sing for awhile, but I've been holding steady. But with the A's having already started their Annual Streak of Invincibility, we now find ourselves seven games out and sputtering.

You all know the reasons; you've seen the underperforming offense and the indifferent defense. You all know we should be better, but that we're running out of time to get to where we need to be.

Yesterday provided no solace; Bartolo Colon didn't have a great start at all, but it wasn't a start that was so horrifically bad that it provided evidence that he shouldn't be out there. In the meantime, Jered Weaver had his first bad start in ages at AAA (which, by the way, means nothing) -- maybe the Angels knew he was due for a bad start and didn't want it to hurt the major league team!

As our deficit in the AL West grows toward unmanageable, thoughts of course turn to 2007, and when we should start making ready for same. I would say that this team gets until the All Star Break to improve their position; if we're not any closer by then, we trade Adam Kennedy, we trade Jeff Weaver (even if it's at a loss) and bring up Jered as long as Bartolo is healthy (and, if not, we can always see if Joe Saunders has a future on this team). Even Orlando Cabrera is touchable, in my mind.

That's not a hard-and-fast deadline, of course; we can always get swept over the next week and fall ten or more games behind, in which case we can start the firesale early.

I am increasingly convinced that Ervin Santana should not be part of that firesale. He's a good young pitcher, and you just don't give guys like that away, even to get a fine young player like Carl Crawford.

As for Adam Kennedy ... he's one of my favorite players, but with Kendrick hovering around the Williams Line at AAA, I'm not so sure that trading him isn't the best move to make for both winning now and winning in the future. We obviously won't be getting an impact bat or anything for him; we may have to make do with a solid reliever. One problem is that there appear to be no good matches amongst contending teams; every team in spitting distance of a playoff spot has a second-sacker that is either decent (or better), young, or both. And no team that is not contending will have any cause to acquire Kennedy, with his contract up at the end of the year. He may need to be packaged with a B prospect to fetch anything. In that case a team like Tampa Bay would be a match, if they only had a worthwhile reliever to trade for. I don't know.

I do know that a 4-6 homestand against the Mariners (I still think we're better than them), Royals (worst team in baseball) and the Padres (who are at least somewhat decent) is unacceptable, and if we can't play like we're supposed to in 2006, we might as well start thinking of our bright future.

I've come around on the OC, he's having a great year, and I've even added him to my fantasy team.

But not only is he tradeable, he should almost be considered a must trade. Its hard to see his value ever being greater than it is right now.

Kennedy - how bout the Mets or Blue Jays? Maybe the Cardinals?

Eckstein to Kennedy to Spiezio could be back in business.
I think the Mets are overall satisfied with Jose Valentin. Aaron Hill is pretty young, and isn't really hitting substantially different from AK right now. Aaron Miles is also doing okay in St. Louis. The problem is that a lot of teams have 2B doing "okay" right now, and I don't know that Adam is doing enough better than that to be worth a whole lot to these teams.
Guess I'm the die-hard in the crowd. My view is that it's a little too early to think fire sale...I still think these guys can put it together this year.

The keys are Kendry Morales and the Punter. Kendry has made hitting adjustments each time he's stepped up a level...he'll do so in the bigs; the question is whether he'll do it in time to be a major contributor this season. If the Punter can return to good health, that moves Figgins back to 3rd; improves the D at both positions (Figgins' glove seems to work much better at 3rd than CF).

Don't throw in the towel just yet. Give 'em until August to see if they can jell.
Wow, I agree with the original post for once. You're more more effective when the team is losing than you are when the team is winning.
Wow, I agree with the original post for once. You're more more effective when the team is losing than you are when the team is winning.

Thank you(?)
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